Gerard McMann/Cry Little Sister (Theme from “the Lost Boys”)



CHVRCHES/Cry Little Sister



Michael Abels/Alex Leaves Home


Michael Abels/Ein Bisschen Nehmen


Michael Abels/Dangers Inside the Apartment


Michael Abels/Anything Special About You – Meet Lenore


Michael Abels/The Curio Cabinet – Meet Yasmin


Michael Abels/The Library


Michael Abels/Natasha Arrives – Alex Tries Escape


Michael Abels/Blue Mist


Michael Abels/The Playground – Friends Never Let Go


Michael Abels/No Happy Endings – Mystified by You Storyteller


Michael Abels/Writer’s Block


Michael Abels/Doro Wat – What’s up There


Michael Abels/Searching & Stories


Michael Abels/The Night Nursery


Michael Abels/Brave to Lie – Shredder Shreds


Michael Abels/Yasmin at the Curio Cabinet


Michael Abels/There’s a Way out of This Place


Michael Abels/The Sorcerer & the Peasant Girl


Michael Abels/Mixing the Potion


Michael Abels/Read!


Michael Abels/Dangers Outside the Apartment


Michael Abels/The Gingerbread House


Michael Abels/Natasha’s Story


Michael Abels/You’re Just Like Us


Michael Abels/Birthday Party Flashback


Michael Abels/Unleash the Magic


Michael Abels/Burn the Witch


Michael Abels/New Friends New Journal





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